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We are a dance and fitness company focused on helping our movers get active and stay physically fit throughout their lives. Our unique and innovative dance and exercise programs help clients reduce stress, achieve fitness goals, learn something new and have fun. Through a joyful and supportive community environment, we encourage life transformation – inspiring clients to break through challenges and to believe in their unlimited potential.


We are... BreakOut Studios!

  • BreakOut Studios is a space created for movers 13+.

  • Movers can sign up and sign in online or in-person. All movers must fill our a liability form, complete payment and sign into each class. 

  • BreakOut's entrance is located in the back parking lot of Reddington Plaza 5811 Speedway Blvd 85712. 

  • All BreakOut classes are live streamed and recorded for our Patreon members. Patreon is a subscription site that gives private access to our classes in LIVE and prerecorded form.

  • We do recommend clothing that is comfortable to move in. For Ballet we recommend form fitting clothing so that the instructor can see your body for technique corrections. For Hip Hop and fitness classes we require tennis shoes/ sneakers to protect your feet.

  • BreakOut Studios works hard to maintain a positive space for all. We will not tolerate any behavior that negatively effects our community. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. 

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