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Musings from the Studio: A Monthly feature by Julie Morrison, BreakOut Mover and Poet.

Meet Julie Morrison, a multi-faceted creative who has a passion for writing and dance. Julie is a dancer at BreakOut Studios currently taking online classes from her home in Phoenix, AZ.

Aside from being a dancer, Julie is also a horsewoman, dog person, swimmer, hiker, sampler, coffee drinker, planner, fountain splasher, flower smeller, and an enthusiastic Spanish language student. She has a love for hats and she has a playful personality that makes her a joy to be around.

Please enjoy a special piece of poetry by Julie...

Work Out by Julie Morrison

Work: energy transferred to or from an object via the application of force along a displacement



from hi-ho to hip hop

we’re remanded by culture—

commanded— to

work: at, over, on,

programs, schedules, places.

Must we also work out?

Must we refer to exercise

as we might a kidney stone?

I’ll pass.

Physics tells us work is a transfer—

not a trade—

so, why put ourselves out?

And, out of what?

From what ‘in’ do we get ‘out’

when we work?